Roadblocks and Stumbling Blocks

Just when you think everything is smooth sailing, leave it to life to set up a roadblock.

Between the craziness of travel preparations and the newness of this blog, I forgot to share: WE HAVE A G&R DATE! On November 3rd Tien Kim Nguyen will legally be our daughter!

Upon receiving this news I immediately called Rob but couldn’t get through. I remembered he was in the middle of a meeting so I sent him a text that read, “November 3rd”.  That got his attention. After so much waiting, wondering, and worrying there was finally an end in sight!  Rob was so happy, he cried like a baby.

We immediately began to make travel plans and were thrilled to discover our plane tickets were going to cost several hundred dollars less than we had initially thought. Previously we had decided to bring Nathan along on this adventure, so we booked three tickets for the outbound trip and FOUR  for the return trip. We also decided to leave a few days early and first fly into Cambodia to see where Rob served his mission and to take a trip up to Angkor Wat. We began researching and booking hotel rooms in Phnom Phenh and Siem Reap Cambodia, as well as in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. I also applied for our visas into both countries.

Cue Roadblock.

On Friday I received word our Vietnamese visas had been approved, but upon further investigation I found that only Nathan and I had been approved. Rob had not. At first I thought this was a mistake and requested they send Rob’s visa documentation. That’s when the crisis began. They told me Rob had been “blacklisted” and could not get a visa. I was told to contact the embassy to see what to do from here. Maybe it was a mistake?

This was horrible news to receive, but particularly so on a Friday afternoon. It was 3:00 am on Saturday in Vietnam, there was NO chance of resolving this before Monday. Worst case scenarios began to play out in my head. What if this is something we cannot overcome? If Rob cannot enter the country then we cannot adopt Kim. I felt like someone had just told me, “Prepare yourself, there’s a chance your baby will be stillborn.”

We reached out to everyone we could, which was tricky considering it was a weekend. We were fortunate to have a few resources in Vietnam and at this point there are two different men looking into it. One of them was able to do a search on Rob’s passport number and couldn’t detect any problems. That gives me hope this is all a big mistake and Monday morning we will receive the happy news that we are good to go! In the mean time we are asking for prayers for a quick resolution. I have also felt the prayers of peace and comfort that many have said for us.

Today we are nervous, but hopeful. We also have great compassion for all who worry and grieve over children whether they be biological, adopted, or in process of adoption. Uncertainty over a child you love is gut wrenching; but, we also testify to the peace that can come from our loving Father. Throughout our adoption process when things have been difficult I have had to repeatedly reminded myself: Kim is His daughter too, He knows her, He loves her more than I can understand, He is aware of her and He is aware of me.



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