Article 5

We received excellent news yesterday in the form of an email sent by our adoption caseworker. Our Article 5 has FINALLY been issued! I discovered the email as I was standing in Rob’s office waiting for our kids to finish having their teeth cleaned. I literally shouted for joy when I saw the subject line: Article 5 Letter. This was the final hoop, the very last step we needed before we can travel to Vietnam and bring Kim home.

Now we are just waiting for an invitation for our Giving and Receiving Ceremony, or G&R for short. The G&R will happen in the province where Kim lives, and it will make her legally ours. That’s pretty amazing, it gives me chills just thinking about it.

Once we have the G&R invite we can pack our bags and buy airline tickets! I am hopeful to have the invite in the next week or so, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from international adoption it’s that things rarely go just as you hope. That said, our caseworker is still optimistic that we will travel in mid-late October. That’s only 2-4 weeks, folks. It’s getting very exciting around here!

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